How to Conduct Free Screen Sharing Meetings with

One of the newest features to has been the addition of Free Screen Sharing. A While on a conference call, you have the option to conduct a Screen Sharing meeting. Follow the instructions below to start a Screen Sharing meeting with

  1. Log into your account.
  2. Click the ‘Invite Others’ button on the left hand side of the Conference View page to send conference details to participants using your preferred email client. A Instruct participants to dial into the conference and click on the meeting link in order to view your screen during the call.
  3. When ready to begin a meeting, click on the Screen Sharing tab found on the right hand side of the Conference View page and launch the application.
  4. A Screen Sharing Controls window will display from which you may choose the different programs to show your participant during the online meeting. To manage your applications, click the ‘Select Items to Share’ button.
  5. Begin the online meeting by clicking the ‘Start Meeting’ button.
  6. All joined participants are now able to view what you are sharing on your computer screen.
  7. Anytime during the online meeting you and your participants can send instant messages to everyone that is logged on using the Chat feature provided on the Screen Sharing Controls window.

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