Introducing Radio

Do you have callers that just want to listen in? With the newly introduced Radio feature to StartMeeting, you can stream audio from your Meeting Wall for your listeners. Your invited participants simply go to your Meeting Wall URL at the time of the live conference call and listen in.  And the best part is that this new feature is completely free!

It’s easy to use and takes just a few minutes to enable.  Login to your StartMeeting account, go to your Wall and select Wall Preferences from the drop down menu in the top right corner.  Turn Radio On and save your changes.  Provide your meeting wall URL to your listeners.  At the time of the call, invited listeners click on your Wall link and turn Radio On in order to hear the streaming audio.

For complete instructions on how to use Radio, please visit our instructions (found under the Features section) page.

Want to learn more about StartMeeting?  Our sales team and give you a complete demo.  Please call 800-644-9070 to reach our sales department.

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